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Oxyfresh reinvented fresh breath in 1985. Since then, thousands of dental professionals worldwide have recommended Oxyfresh's alcohol-free, leading-edge products to millions of patients, creating millions of bright, healthy smiles.
Did you know that approximately 75 percent of adults over the age of 35 have some stage of periodontal disease? In clinical studies conducted at the University of Minnesota and the State University of New York at Buffalo, researchers discovered that bacteria in the mouth may cause blood clots, leading to heart attacks. Poor oral health may also increase the risk of emphysema and other lung diseases, as well as lead to premature births. Good oral health is an important step in overall health.
In another clinical study, Oxyfresh toothpaste and mouth rinses outperformed one of the most popular brands that "kills bacteria dead." The study validates what dental professionals who use Oxyfresh have known all along— Oxyfresh's oral health products are safer and more effective than commercial, alcohol-based products. Experience the Oxyfresh difference for yourself!
Do you ever feel a sudden painful sensation in your teeth when you drink hot coffee or eat cold ice cream? Perhaps eating candy or sour foods makes you cringe. Or maybe simply touching your teeth with a fork or toothbrush makes you jump with pain. The pain may be mild and tingly or sharp and intense.  These are some of the symptoms of sensitive teeth, known technically as "dentinal hypersensitivity." It is one of the most common dental complaints. 
The pain of dentinal hypersensitivity is not constant—it comes and goes. Unfortunately, many people do not bring this condition to the attention of their dentists, thinking that it will go away on its own. However, just when they think it's gone for good, the pain returns. Sensodyne was created for this very reason—sensitive teeth. It is recommended by dentists to provide relief for pain caused by sensitive teeth and helps to strengthen them. 
What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?
There are many theories about the causes of tooth sensitivity. Dental professionals agree, however, that the problem starts when a sensitive part of the tooth called the dentin is exposed. Dentin is the porous part of the tooth below the enamel. 
How does the dentin become exposed?  Some of the ways include:
  • Brushing Too Hard Along The Gumline      
  • Recession Of The Gum      
  • Gum Disease      
  • Periodontal Treatment      
  • Dental Surgery      
  • Fractured Or Chipped Tooth      
  • Tooth Wear At The Gumline      
  • Teeth Clenching Or Grinding, Often During Sleep      
  • Smoking  
What Can You Do About Tooth Sensitivity?
You don't have to suffer from dentinal hypersensitivity. Here are some ways to help treat your sensitivity:
  • Brush with a desensitizing dentifrice, such as Sensodyne Toothpaste—dabbing will not be effective
  • Brush properly—use only a soft bristle toothbrush such as Sensodyne Gentle
  • Floss carefully
  • Moderate your intake of acidic foods
  • Have regular dental check ups
If pain persists, your dentist or dental hygienist can help. Brushing with Sensodyne will help with your sensitive teeth so that you can enjoy hot, cold, sweet and sour foods. 
Sensodyne works by reducing the nerve impulses which would normally be felt as the pain of sensitive teeth. The protection builds over time. It may take up to two weeks before you notice a difference.  Brushing twice a day builds increasing protection against the pain of sensitivity.  Brushing—not dabbing—is the only proven method of relieving tooth sensitivity. 
Your dental professional trusts Sensodyne, which has helped relieve patient's sensitive teeth for more than 30 years. Visit your dental professional before use and continue to visit for regular check-ups. 

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